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Submit your project to the #impaktWISE Awards

To submit your idea to the #impaktWISE Awards, you first need to create a project on Babele. This will be the basis for the jury evaluation. We are open to teams of all sizes (including solo participants) but recommend participating in teams of 2-4 people. 

To register your project for the competition, all you need to do is fill out the survey below. Deadline for submission is September 8th, 2022. 

Choose between two categories

The Awards consists of two categories with different requirements. We recommend that you consider the current stage of your project when choosing which category best fits you. You can only submit your project to one category, but the pre-jury reserves the right to move projects between categories if the requirements are not fulfilled. 

Ideation Awards

For the novel early-stage ideas

You must fill out elements 1-5 of your business model

Winners receive a certificate and further support from the  #impaktWISE team

Pitch Awards

For the ideas that are ready to be taken to the next level

You must fill out elements 1-10 of your business model


Winner receives 20,000 DKK and runner-ups receieve 5,000 DKK for runner-ups sponsored by Abacus Medicine 

More details coming soon

More details about the evaluation criteria, jury members and Awards Ceremony will be published soon - stay tuned!